Scales of Justice and Judge`s gavel

The Lastest Events at CityTech’s Legal Dept

Contact Information

Director: Gilen Chan

300 Jay Street, Namm 325
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718.260.4983
Fax: 718.260.4931




2012 Financial Disclosure Filing – Academic Filers

REMINDER - The deadline for academic filers is November 15, 2013. If you have any questions, please visit

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Ethics Training 2013

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Ethics Training is being offered on the following dates, all beginning at noon and ending at 2:00 pm: October 24th – President’s Conference Room, Namm 319 October 31st - Namm 325 Conference Room November 7th - Namm 325 Conference Room November 14th - Namm 325 Conference Room November 21st – Namm 325 Conference Room Lunch will be served!

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Legal Affairs


This Office is responsible for ensuring that City Tech is in compliance with NYS Public Officers law, CUNY’s policies on Conflicts of Interest, Export Control, Higher Education Opportunity Act, Project Sunshine, Research Integrity.

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Contact Information

Vivamus dictum, Director

300 Jay Street, Namm 0000
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718.260.0000
Fax: 718.260.0000